My grandfather Ezio lives in Haberfield. He has always had a green thumb and grows a plethora of herbs, Italian celery, cucumbers, wild strawberries, figs, avocados and citrus with great finesse. The centrepiece of his garden is a gigantic macadamia tree which keeps us all in plentiful supply year after year.

Nonno’s basil comes from his home town of Povoletto. His original seeds have long gone, but the seeds from the plants are always saved, and the cycle continues, keeping this super aromatic strain alive.


His lemongrass is also popular – I like to make a rough lemongrass + sage + parsley tea. It’s especially good at the end of a boozy dinner party.

Completely lacking outdoor space at the warehouse where I live means I really appreciate my time in the garden here. I love the routine of a good weeding, water, prune and then the reward of the harvest.

Photographs by Sophia Kaplan.