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Last year in Paris I helped out with styling on a shoot for cute French kids shoe shop Six Pieds Trois Pouces. Check out some of the pics by Robinson Ferreux and a little film by Severin.



 All photographs by Robinson Ferreux.

These images are from Forgotten Spaces: the Barbican Conservatory, a collaborative project between photographer Luke Hayes and writer Sarah Simpkin. The conservatory, built in 1980 in a post war estate, is beautifully wild against the bulbous architecture of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon.

     All photographs by Luke Hayes.

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Instagram All images by Sophia Kaplan

I just had a couple of rolls developed from last summer. Take me back to all of it.

More pics from summer travels here: The Alps, LondonOsaka, ItalyParis, New York, Corsica & Monaco.

 Photographs by Sophia Kaplan.


Phytology is a great botanical project opening our minds to plants which are commonly labelled as weeds. Their website explains that the project “brings artists and botanists together to explore the medicinal properties of plants that are common to derelict urban environments… (and) aims to challenge ideas of use, value, resilience and the function of wildness within our urban ecosystem”.

The team (including Dr. Peter Giovannini, the International Projects Officer for Kew Royal Botanic Gardens) are busily preparing for the opening of a medicinal field in late April at the Bethnal Green site. Visitors will be able to explore the field, learn about the plants and harvest them for medicine and food. Here are a few of the plants that will be found on site.

Wild Garlic, which can be used:

  • As treatment of colds and bronchitis1
  • As treatment for indigestion and as anthelminthic1
  • Can reduce high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levelsPhytology

Marsh Mallow:

  • It is often used to treat bronchitis1 and sore throat
  • Decoction of the Marsh Mallow roots is traditionally used for pharyngitis
  • The leaves are used for urinary tract infectionsPhytology

St Johns Wart:

  • Minor wounds and burns
  • Symptomatic relief of mild gastrointestinal problems
  • The treatment of anxiety, low mood, and ‘to strengthen the nerves



  • To treat fevers
  • To treat skin disease and wounds
  • To treat digestive complaints
  • In Arabian countries is used as anti-scorbutic, diuretic, and antispasmodic


Illustrations by Talya Baldwin. Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page.

I’ve written about Bloom Series before, so was chuffed to finally attend one of their events last week. It’s an evening filled with flowers run by floral stylist Jardine and photographer Lisa.

We started with champagne and nibbles before Jardine explained a little about each of the flowers from the the rainbow-esque display. We then got a demonstration on how to make a posy in her incredibly beautiful natural style.

It was great having so many different flowers to play with and I enjoyed giving a little bit of help to those around me. It was such a treat to make some new floral friends, namely Amy of Henry Hudson and John from Blooming Lovely, and the talented photographers Lisa and Pete from And a Day. I feel a little like the dorky new kid on the block, but am amazed by the warm welcome you have all given me.

At the end of the night I helped wrap all the bouquets and it was very interesting to see all the different interpretations presented to me. There were beautiful colour combinations and unusual designs. All of them had something special about them.

Check out the Bloom Series website to subscribe and check out more pics from the other events.

Bloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom Series All photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

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