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Just found these pictures on my sisters camera of some wildflowers I picked in the alps a few months back. They make my heart ache with happiness.


Photographs by Olivia & Sophia Kaplan.

Living breathing dying nature by young Shanghai based artist Yuntan Fan.

Dancing LeavesDancing LeavesDancing LeavesDancing LeavesDancing LeavesDancing Leaves

All images by Yunfan Tan.

These beautiful images are the result of a collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina. You can buy prints here.

OvergrowthOvergrowthOvergrowthOvergrowthOvergrowthOvergrowthOvergrowthAll photographs by Parker Fitzgerald.

This is the last of the summer travel posts. I can’t wait until next years adventures.

In September I did a roadtrip with some friends from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. We stayed in the Majave Desert before heading to Death Valley. Even though it was the end of summer Death Valley was still incredibly hot – mid 40s almost all day and not dropping much at night. It was interesting to see what nature survived and thrived in this brutal climate.

DesertDriving through the Joshua tree plains was like being on another planet. Going off road we stumbled upon abandoned mines and cattle yards, eery when we felt so alone.

CaliforniaDesertCaliforniaCaliforniaCaliforniaCaliforniaDesertDesertDesertDesertDesertThe Badwater Basin is a salt pan 86 metres below sea level. It was so very, very hot.

CaliforniaDesertWe slept in some curious places and met a lot of weird and wonderful people. It was a good crew to road trip with.

DesertCaliforniaDesertAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan, Emily Morrison, Max Rapley & Sam Reid.

My courtyard at home is super sweet. Being greeted by a chicken as you enter is a rarity in Paris.

CourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardCourtyardAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

The Jardin des Plantes is one of my favourite gardens in Paris. We visited on the weekend and caught the end of the dahlias and some beautiful autumn scenes. In the grounds is the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. The main hall with huge whale skeletons and taxidermy is reminiscent of the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Very Night at the Museum. We also checked out Alchimies by Sarah Moon – a photographic exploration of the museum and surrounding garden. Well worth a look. Afterwards we headed across the road to la Grande Mosquée de Paris for pastries and mint tea. All in all a pretty excellent day.

Sarah MoonSarah MoonFinal photograph by Sarah Moon, the rest by Sophia Kaplan.

Jardin des Plants: 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris

Alchimies runs until 24th November in the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution.

Following on from my last travel post… after our week in Tuscany we headed across to Corse with a few new friends. Initially we followed the same route my sister and I took when we were on the island last year, Bastia – Calvi – Ajaccio, but this time we continued on to Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio. This is really one of my favourite places. The landscape is so stunning and the water constantly inviting, and my lord the sunsets.

Corse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoHere the crew parted ways with some heading to Spain while we got the ferry across to Monaco to visit (the much featured on this blog) Tiffany. On our ferry we passed a pod of whales. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.

In Monaco we spent a very chilled day at Plage Mala before climbing the giant mountain behind to have dinner in the ancient Èze village.

Corse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

Pretty Streets Botanicals is a Brooklyn based floral design studio. They also run a little flower stand at the Bedford Cheese Shop. Owner Kristen Ossmann has her own flower garden and tries to use home grown flowers whenever possible. I love this new movement if florists growing their own or having really direct relationships with small local flower farms.

Pretty StreetsPretty StreetsPretty StreetsPretty StreetsPretty StreetsPretty StreetsPretty StreetsAll photographs by Pretty Streets Botanicals.

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