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Cleaning up my laptop and just came back across these old disposable photos. I love the feel of these images taken on the cheapest camera known to man. Check out more pics I took The Harris Garden (fourth pic down and one of my favourite English gardens) here.

F1000009 F1000027  F1000014 F1000011F1000021    20400017 F1000018429067_10150508296776653_648274858_n 2040001020400021 F100001220410006 F1000026 20410021 20410009432348_10150508294406653_390030188_n 421793_10150508286521653_1650184271_n All photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

Following on from my last travel post… after our week in Tuscany we headed across to Corse with a few new friends. Initially we followed the same route my sister and I took when we were on the island last year, Bastia – Calvi – Ajaccio, but this time we continued on to Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio. This is really one of my favourite places. The landscape is so stunning and the water constantly inviting, and my lord the sunsets.

Corse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoHere the crew parted ways with some heading to Spain while we got the ferry across to Monaco to visit (the much featured on this blog) Tiffany. On our ferry we passed a pod of whales. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.

In Monaco we spent a very chilled day at Plage Mala before climbing the giant mountain behind to have dinner in the ancient Èze village.

Corse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoCorse & MonacoAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

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