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One of my dear friends Angèle is a young chef in Paris whose catering business La Guinguette d’Angèle specialises in healthy cooking. Her food has the French bio-organic tick of approval, is gluten free and uses only locally grown, powerfully healthy ingredients.

527503_349670465127145_966802940_nHer styling is also something special. Her use of delicate flowers, berries and herbs makes each piece a little artwork unto itself. Angele and I lived together in Paris for a few months and I can testify that her creations are not only beautiful but absolutely, ridiculously, delicious.

65245_419231041504420_986004172_n549519_382668401827351_546772763_n302805_371652202928971_978771386_nLa Guinguette d’AngèleLa Guinguette d’AngèleLa Guinguette d'AngèleLa Guinguette d’AngèleAll photographs from La Guinguette d’Angèle.

For more info check out her Facebook page.

Earlier this year my brother got married and I helped the lovely Nhu Christy with the flowers.

The bride and groom are both big foodies so along with the incredible catering from Aria and fresh pizzas from Rosso Pomodorro we tried to incorporate this into the flowers as well, using rosemary from the garden as well as fig branches from the markets. My sister and I wore simple flower crowns and we had big ‘buckets’ of blooms around the gardens.

Check out my sister-in-law’s food blog The Gourmet Forager for more pics from the day.

Photographs by Tealily Photography.

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