How nice would it be to build a little cabin in the woods. It doesn’t need to be big. All you need is a bed nook (or two or three), a little kitchen, a fire, running water and a nice comfortable spot to sun yourself outdoors. I imagine most of my time spent wandering through the surrounds, cutting flowers and branches, or reading in bed. Here are some of my favourites from the fabulous Cabin Porn.

Cabintumblr_maylcmHMe31qzwmsso1_1280CabinOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACabinCabinCabin Porn is curated by a group of friends who have been building a variety of their own cabins on 55 acres of land near Yulan, New York. Here are some photos of their personal project ‘Beaver Brook’.

Beaver BrookBeaver Brooktumblr_lwjj4g9uGd1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_lwsmjafcnJ1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_m677qf0ijd1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_mbaisn3q961qd8hvko1_1280Beaver BrookAll photographs from Cabin Porn and Beaver Brook.