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Aitch is an illustrator originally from Romania, now living in Portugal. Her work is influenced by nature and folklore and reminds me of the ancient Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries.

Check out her website here.


For our final weekend in France for the year we went to a friend’s house in Morzine. I learnt (not very gracefully but nonetheless) to ski backwards and we had a great two days on the pistes. Compared to summer (check my other alps post here) when the insects and birds and water fill your ears it was so very quiet in winter. When we stopped yabbering to one another there was a beautiful peacefulness.



It was good to be surrounded by nature once again. We made a wreath for the maison and enjoyed breathing the clean air in the sun that shone all day long.

Thank you all for a lovely weekend x

MorzineMorzineMorzineMorzineAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan

Although Karl Blossfeldt’s botanical photogravures are his most famous work, he was also a well respected sculptor and professor of art. His interest in and eye for form and texture are evident in these images, which are striking in both the complexity of the subject and the simplicity of his photographic style. He used a homemade camera and had his work published in 1929 in his book Urformen der Kunst (Archetypes of Art).

Whitechapel Gallery in London is currently exhibiting a selection of his images until June 14, 2013.

Karl Blossfeldt 1Karl Blossfeldt 9Karl Blossfeldt 10Karl Blossfeldt 6Karl Blossfeldt 7Karl Blossfeldt 8Karl Blossfeldt 5Karl BlossfeldtAll photographs by Karl Blossfeldt.

New York based artist Matt Wisniewski uses found photographs to create these captivating digital collages.

22_tumblrlrh98ojthc1r1bhvio1500Matt Wisniewski

All artwork by Matt Wisniewski.

Next month Derek Henderson launches his new project Darkness of Noon. Model Zippora Seven features in the book which also includes illustrations by Kelly Thompson. The images are super pretty and dreamlike.

Darkness of NoonDarkness of NoonDarkness of NoonDarkness of NoonDarkness of NoonDarkness of NoonDarkness of Noon

Pre order your copy here.

All photography by Derek Henderson. All illustrations by Kelly Thompson.

MicrocosmosMicrocosmos is a french nature documentary by filmmakers Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou. It uses macroscopic photographic technique to explore the life of insects. Think of the Pixar film A Bugs Life but real life.

MicrocosmosThe film is narrated by Kristin Scott Thomas and Jacques Perrin, with a haunting soundtrack by Bruno Coulais. It is truly fascinating and if you have a night in this week be sure to watch it.

The whole film is up on YouTube. Check out Part 1 below and follow the links on their site to the rest of the film.

All images Microcosmos (1996)

How nice would it be to build a little cabin in the woods. It doesn’t need to be big. All you need is a bed nook (or two or three), a little kitchen, a fire, running water and a nice comfortable spot to sun yourself outdoors. I imagine most of my time spent wandering through the surrounds, cutting flowers and branches, or reading in bed. Here are some of my favourites from the fabulous Cabin Porn.

Cabintumblr_maylcmHMe31qzwmsso1_1280CabinOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACabinCabinCabin Porn is curated by a group of friends who have been building a variety of their own cabins on 55 acres of land near Yulan, New York. Here are some photos of their personal project ‘Beaver Brook’.

Beaver BrookBeaver Brooktumblr_lwjj4g9uGd1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_lwsmjafcnJ1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_m677qf0ijd1qd8hvko1_1280tumblr_mbaisn3q961qd8hvko1_1280Beaver BrookAll photographs from Cabin Porn and Beaver Brook.

My first issue of Wilder Quarterly arrived last week, thanks to a very good man.


It’s a beautifully designed US magazine all about the natural world. This issue has stories about foraging for mushrooms in Finland, planting a winter garden, Kyoto’s Moss Temple, migrating butterflies and heaps more. I have a subscription now and I’m excited to keep reading.

Wilder Quarterly

Check out their blog here.

Cover images from Wilder Quarterly.

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