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This one acre, family owned botanical garden and cactarium in Palm Springs is filled with 3000 varieties of desert plants. I would love to visit on my next trip to the States.

Moorten GardenMoorten GardenMoorten GardenMoorten GardenMoorten GardenMoorten GardenMoorten GardenPhotos one, two, six and seven by Amy Merrick. Three, four and five by Chuck B.

More info on the garden here.

I’ve seen a few photographers working with this theme lately, there’s something quite poetic about it.

Billy Kidd uses dramatic colours.

Billy Kidd Billy Kidd Billy Kidd

Derek Henderson has a more natural aesthetic.

Derek  Henderson Derek  HendersonDerek  Henderson

Amy Merrick gives these poppies her Dutch master makeover.

Amy Merrick

Jon Shireman is simple and striking.

Jon Shireman Jon Shireman Jon Shireman

Billy Kidd

Derek Henderson

Amy Merrick

Jon Shireman

Amy Merrick is a florist and stylist I have long admired.

The way she plays with shape and texture really blows me away and I especially like her use of fruit and berries.

There’s a romanticism to her work and life that is very intriguing.

Check out her blog here.

All photographs by Amy Merrick.

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