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Miss Moss put me onto the great blog that is Old Chum. It’s actually a mix of old and new, but the images are always intriguing.

Old ChumOld ChumOld Chumtumblr_mj4a4whqN11qzyxjro1_1280Old ChumImage one: from Converted into Houses by Charles A. Fracchia & Jeremiah O. Bragstad, image two: Susan Worsham, images three & five: Ganna Walska, image four: La Clef de Verre by René Magritte.

I am currently on the lookout for a large fiddle leaf fig to add to my indoor plant collection.

Aren’t they beautiful?

FiddleleafFiddleleafFiddleleafFiddleleafPhotographs one & four: Elle Decor, photograph two: Emma at Marion House Book, photograph three: Lonny Magazine.

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