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I discovered these incredible ‘tubes de trichoptères’ at the Dries Van Noten exhibition at the Musee Arts Decoratif in Paris last month.

Created by insects which artist Hubert Duprais has provided with access to only gold and jewels.

MicrocosmosMicrocosmos is a french nature documentary by filmmakers Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou. It uses macroscopic photographic technique to explore the life of insects. Think of the Pixar film A Bugs Life but real life.

MicrocosmosThe film is narrated by Kristin Scott Thomas and Jacques Perrin, with a haunting soundtrack by Bruno Coulais. It is truly fascinating and if you have a night in this week be sure to watch it.

The whole film is up on YouTube. Check out Part 1 below and follow the links on their site to the rest of the film.

All images Microcosmos (1996)

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