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After our first week in Paris last July we took the morning train down to Lyon and then hired a car and drove down across the border to Murazzano in Piedmonte where we worked for a week on Finocchio Verde, a beautiful goat, sheep and everything else farm. From there we then cruised back up into France through the Swiss alps, through soaring, snow capped mountains. The alpine wildflowers around here are some of the most stunning. There are so many different varieties, I feel like you could be turning around in the same spot for hours constantly discovering different delicate little petals. Our destination was Port Lesney in the Jura region where we stayed in an ancient blue window framed home and whiled away our days drinking wine and eating cheese by the river, and exploring the nearby villages and countryside.


IMG_3650 IMG_3670 IMG_3677 IMG_3729         

I just had a couple of rolls developed from last summer. Take me back to all of it.

More pics from summer travels here: The Alps, LondonOsaka, ItalyParis, New York, Corsica & Monaco.

 Photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

For our final weekend in France for the year we went to a friend’s house in Morzine. I learnt (not very gracefully but nonetheless) to ski backwards and we had a great two days on the pistes. Compared to summer (check my other alps post here) when the insects and birds and water fill your ears it was so very quiet in winter. When we stopped yabbering to one another there was a beautiful peacefulness.



It was good to be surrounded by nature once again. We made a wreath for the maison and enjoyed breathing the clean air in the sun that shone all day long.

Thank you all for a lovely weekend x

MorzineMorzineMorzineMorzineAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan

Just found these pictures on my sisters camera of some wildflowers I picked in the alps a few months back. They make my heart ache with happiness.


Photographs by Olivia & Sophia Kaplan.

This last month I have been on a pretty incredible road trip through The Alps, northern Italy, Corsica and Monaco. For the first post I’ll share some pics from Morzine and Les Laix in The Alps.

Les AlpsOne thing that really struck me about The Alps is the amazing healthiness of the place. Nature is bursting at you everywhere you look and you find yourself being super active and eating well from the land.  I loved the constant buzzing of the insects, the clear streams of water running down the mountains every hundred metres or so, and the deliciously warm sun. Because of all this the plants are absolutely thriving. I was in complete heaven with a smile I could not wipe off my face picking wild flowers and berries which covered the earth.

Les AlpsLes AlpsLes Alps

Along with picking what seemed like a million wildflowers we also went to the annual méchoui (spit roast) party of a friend, spent a morning summer skiing in Tignes, hiked through the mountains, swam in the glacial streams, went mushroom foraging, fishing (not so successfully), and made delicious salads with goodies picked straight from the portage (organic vegetable garden). This place makes me happy.

Les AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsLes AlpsAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

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