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Check out these beautiful handmade resin vases by artist Kate Rhode with quirky floral arrangements by the lovely Cecilia Fox. More info on the collection, titled Ornamental Crimes over at The Design Files.

Kate RohdeKate RohdeKate RohdeKate RohdeAll photographs by Andrew Barcham.

Artist and ceramicist Kim Jaeger has been creating these super cute ‘potheads’ since 2011.

PotheadsHistoria Films (a collaboration between photographer Mike Smith and blogger Laura Quattrocelli) have made a little film about Jaeger’s work. You can also check out an interview with her on The Design Files.


My mother has a vase at home which reminds me of these potheads. It’s by Arab Australian artist Salwa El-Shaikh.

Salwa El-ShaikhPhotograph by Sophia Kaplan.

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