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The Garden Edit is great website founded by English gardener John Tebbs which sells gardening tools, artwork, pots, books, bath products, magazines, and vases. And they ship internationally.

The Garden EditThe Garden EditThe Garden EditThe Garden EditThe Garden EditThe Garden Edit

All images via The Garden Edit.

Thanks to Deborah Sfez of Papier Mache magazine for sharing this with me.

Artist and ceramicist Kim Jaeger has been creating these super cute ‘potheads’ since 2011.

PotheadsHistoria Films (a collaboration between photographer Mike Smith and blogger Laura Quattrocelli) have made a little film about Jaeger’s work. You can also check out an interview with her on The Design Files.


My mother has a vase at home which reminds me of these potheads. It’s by Arab Australian artist Salwa El-Shaikh.

Salwa El-ShaikhPhotograph by Sophia Kaplan.

My best mate and a bunch of her friends live in a beautiful old terrace in Redfern. Their house has three meandering levels, and the garden is surrounded by leaf covered brick walls. They’ve only been there less than a year but already it feels so homely.

IMG_2831IMG_2897IMG_2861IMG_2859IMG_2889IMG_2853IMG_2849Thanks to Jane, Maya, Blake, Caitlin and Will for letting me photograph their home.

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