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Last night we saw the strikingly beautiful La Grande Bellezza at the Open Air Cinema (check out the trailer here). Before the show we took a wander through the Royal Botanic Gardens. The garden is set on Sydney harbour and is always a nice spot for a picnic. This particular evening the flora was glowing pink, red and orange and I was reminded how charming this spot is.

Botanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensBotanic GardensAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan & Marie Laubie.

I’ve come home to a city that feels like a jungle. Everything is so green and flowers are blossoming like crazy. Here are some lovely yellow ones from around town.

Yellow FlowerSummerYellow FlowerSummerSummerYellow FlowerYellow FlowerSummerAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

Bloom Series is a collaboration between between floral stylist Jardine Hansen and photographers Lisa and Pete. Together they host events where Jardine shares her flower knowledge with enthusiastic students, and all the beautiful floral creations are documented by Lisa and Pete. Check out some pics from previous events below. They’re hosting a posy making class on 19 January in Redfern, Sydney. For more details and to reserve a spot check out the website here.

Bloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom SeriesBloom Series

All photographs by And a Day Photography.

Just found these pictures on my sisters camera of some wildflowers I picked in the alps a few months back. They make my heart ache with happiness.


Photographs by Olivia & Sophia Kaplan.

These pics are not super heavy on the gardens and flowers but I wanted to share them nonetheless as Italy was another highlight of our summer adventure. From Mont Blanc to San Vincenzo, Portofino to Pisa we drove we ate and we drank a lot of spritz.

ItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyWe also spent a week at a friends place in Tuscany for the Palio horserace of Sienna. Grazie mille to Lodo and his family for taking such good care of us.

ItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyItalyNext stop Corse and Monaco!

Photographs by Sophia & Olivia Kaplan and Pierre Voirin.

My friend Ama asked me to demonstrate how to make a flower crown for her blog L’Effrontée. We had a fun evening putting this together for you.

You will need:

couronne de fleurs1. Floral tape

2. Thin wire

3. Flowers (consider colour combinations and flowers that will happily last without water for a day)

4. Foliage (ivy is great, or whatever you can forage)


Measure the wire around your head. Keep some length to create a hook to secure as below


Wrap the floral tape around the wire


Prepare flowers and foliage – cut to size and work out what you want to go where


Begin to place flowers and foliage two at a time, securing with more floral tape

couronne de fleursThen it’s as easy as continuing to place two pieces at a time and keep securing with floral tape. Try to place flowers thickly so the wire isn’t seen. Once finished you can store the flower crown in the fridge to keep it fresh.

couronne de fleursAnd here they are!

couronne de fleurscouronne de fleurscouronne de fleurscouronne de fleurscouronne de fleursCheck out Ama’s blogpost here.

All photographs by Amandine Maugy and Sophia Kaplan.

Cute use of flowers by Laila Gohar at Sunday Supper. I will be copying the clover ice cubes.

Sunday SupperSunday Supper Sunday SupperAll photographs by Sunday Supper.

In June this year my mother and sister visited Turkey. Here are some of their photographs from Istanbul and Ürgüp.

TurkeyTurkeyTurkey TurkeyTurkey TurkeyTurkeyTurkeyAll photographs by Olivia Kaplan.

We are about to venture into the California desert but while I’m still sitting in a nice hotel in my robe in Las Vegas, I can post some pics from New York. As per usual we basically just ate our way through the city. We stayed in a beautiful apartment in Soho with giant palms, caught up with loads of friends, visited Union Square Park Market, went to a few shows at New York Fashion Week, partied on rooftops, and visited a bunch of little gardens.

New YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkAll photographs by Sophia Kaplan.

Last night at a dinner I met artist Brendon Marczan who kindly shared some of his artworks with me. I love the incredible detail of these painstakingly drawn illustrations. Check out his site for more info.

Brendon MarczanBrendon MarczanBrendon MarczanBrendon MarczanBrendon MarczanBrendon MarczanBrendon MarczanAll artworks by Brendon Marczan.

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