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“Like a vintage shop for plants”, Pre Loved Roots is a green oasis in the middle of Alexandria. They rescue unwanted plants, give them some love and then sell them out of a little greenhouse set over the canal. While I was there the girl was also propagating some succulents and caring for little vegetable seedlings. I’m about to move into a new place and I’m itching to splurge on new plants to add to my collection.

75-85 O’Riordan St, Alexandria Sydney. More details on their Facebook page.

All photographs by Sophia Kaplan & thanks Livy for the hot tip.

Broadsheet did a write up earlier this week about community gardens in Sydney, with some great pics of Charlie’s Garden in Darlington. The gardens make use of forgotten parcels of land and are a great way of bringing communities together, recycling food waste and providing delicious fresh produce for those involved.

Charlie's GardenCharlie's Garden Charlie's Garden Charlie's Garden Charlie's Garden Charlie's Garden Charlie's Garden Charlie's GardenCheck out the full article here, and like the Charlie’s Garden Facebook page for regular updates.

All photographs by Luisa Brimble.

And thanks to Janey for sharing this with us!

Paris is the city of my dreams and I am so incredibly happy to be back here again.

Keeping our priorities straight, on the day of my arrival my sister and I went to the Marché aux fleurs on Ile de la Cité to get some plants and herbs for our apartments. Walking back with our arms full of green we could not stop smiling.

ParisParisParisParisParisToday the sun came out so we cruised around town in Pierre’s little 1984 Volkswagen and then took a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg. Plenty more Paris to come!

ParisParisParisParisParisAll photographs by Sophia & Olivia Kaplan.

Floret Flower Farm is a family owned and run organic flower farm and floral design studio in Washington, USA. The team is led by mum Erin Benzakein who is a self taught farmer and floral designer. Their farm produces dahlias, garden roses, sweet peas, zinnias, peonies, and much more all with an emphasis on sustainable, thoughtful practices.

Floret FlowerFF4FF9Floret FlowerFF1FF5FF2Floret FlowerFF7FF3All photographs from Floret Flower Farm.

Check out Floret Flower Farm on Instagram and their blog for regular updates about life on a flower farm.

I visited Morocco a few years back. We caught the ferry from Tarifa across the Strait of Gilbrator to Tangiers. The ocean is incredibly luminescent and the sun so strong. We only spent a day in Tangiers before heading to Essaouira, but I remember winding, steep, dusty streets looking out onto that incredible view of the Mediterranean. It’s a rough, mysterious, and beautiful town filled with creative expats including the world renowned garden designer Madison Cox.

TangiersTen or so years ago Cox bought a run down house perched on the cliffs of Tangiers. A lot of care and thought has gone into the renovation of the house and bringing alive of the garden. The one and a half acre garden is long and narrow and has a high white masonry wall on one side and cliff edge on the other. Within the garden he has a free standing library, swimming pool, guesthouse, chicken coop, stone paths, terraces, and flower and vegetable beds. It’s a relaxed design, and looks like a total pleasure to be amongst.

TangiersTangiers10well-cox-custom1Photographs by Oberto Gili for the NY Times.

My sister was also in Morocco a couple of weeks ago. Her pictures are lovely so I thought I’d include some here.

F1020031MoroccoF1070026F1000016F1010002F1070030F1030028F1030019F1020011F1020012F1020028Photographs by Olivia Kaplan and Pierre Voirin.

Home Life recently posted these photographs of a beautiful property in the Adelaide Hills. The owners have cultivated an incredible collection of roses, and I love seeing the countryside and cows peek out from behind the flowers.

808712-1_ll 808710-1_llRose808704-1_ll808714-1_llAll photographs by Claire Takacs for Home Life.

Also on their website is a glimpse into a beautiful French Lot valley countryside home. It has been tastefully updated from its original 19th century state.

609171-1_lpFrance609161-1_lp609173-1_lp609165-1_lpPhotography by Richard Power for Home Life.

He may be a little old for me, but I’ve always had a bit of a crush on sweet Monty Don. He’s an English horticulturalist, TV presenter and author. I’ve watched ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ and ‘Italian Gardens’ but he has a pretty long list of shows he has been apart of.

Monty DonMonty Don

Monty has my absolute dream job – to explore private and open gardens and introduce them to others. So sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of Monty Don guiding us through some incredible ancient Italian estates.

Villa d’Este, Tivoli

The Garden of Ninfa, Latina

Villa di Castello and Boboli Gardens

Photographs by Marsha Arnold.

For the last two years I have been living in a semi-converted warehouse in Sydney.


It’s a big fun space, but has no backyard or balcony. I have been dreaming since moving in that our landlord will put a rooftop terrace above our kitchen where we could grow all sorts of herbs, tomatoes and passionfruit, but I think it will remain just that, a dream.

In the meantime I have been steadily building my indoor plant collection. I definitely have a tendency to go a little overboard at the nurseries.


It’s interesting to see what thrives and what doesn’t. Kentia palms are one of my favourites. All my Kentia palms are from trips to Lord Howe Island where they are native and only allowed to leave the island under strict conditions. They are very hardy, but do have a tendency to get some sort of scale disease if they aren’t taken care of properly. I also have a lot of peace lilies which remain happy even in low light areas of the warehouse. They need very little attention, my problem is usually giving them too much fertiliser which makes the tips of their leaves brown. Succulents also work well, but ferns not so much. I think it gets too dry and hot or cold under the tin roof for them to thrive.


I also have a desk set up under one of the windows where I can get my hands dirty potting pants with my stash of sand, soil and other tools.


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