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I met these guys last week when they were installing a green wall at OzHarvest‘s new Sydney warehouse/ office. I love their philosophy for urban gardens – that they should be both edible and medicinal, along with bountiful and beautiful. Check out some of their work below at Kitchen by Mike and Three Blue Ducks. They’ve also just launched their website so be sure to check it out here.

All images from Urban Growers.

Horticultured Cities explores urban and community gardens across 15 different countries. With photographs by Finnish photographer Maija Astikainen and an essay by German researcher Aischa Berg, the book launches August 21 at Omenapuutalo in Helskini. Check out Maija’s website for more details.

    All images by Maija Astikainen.

Paris is the city of my dreams and I am so incredibly happy to be back here again.

Keeping our priorities straight, on the day of my arrival my sister and I went to the Marché aux fleurs on Ile de la Cité to get some plants and herbs for our apartments. Walking back with our arms full of green we could not stop smiling.

ParisParisParisParisParisToday the sun came out so we cruised around town in Pierre’s little 1984 Volkswagen and then took a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg. Plenty more Paris to come!

ParisParisParisParisParisAll photographs by Sophia & Olivia Kaplan.

This growing light fixture is designed by Ryan Taylor of multidisciplinary studio O\I. It usually sets you back $448 (Canadian) but they have 15% off until May 31st. Get it here.

Babylon LightBabylon LightBabylon LightBabylon LightBabylon LightThanks to Mel for sharing!

Annie Novak is an agriculturalist who started the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn. The 6000 square foot organic farm looks across the river to Manhattan. It’s a pretty spectacular combination of big city and small scale farming.

The Selby did a great piece on her farm and adjoining shop.

Check out their story here.

Closer to home my friend Sean has just created his own miniature version of a rooftop garden at his place in Balmain.

Sean is currently studying architecture but has also studied landscape architecture and urban design. He’s spent some time working on a farm and has a keen interest in agriculture.

Sean was “interested in growing food in unused space”. He says that he has “always gotten a satisfaction out of growing and eating my own food, and over time also realised the issues in our current food system.” This is his first rooftop garden and he learnt that the exposed nature of the space meant that he needed to create a protection from the wind which he did using found materials, along with the rest of the structure. He’s currently growing chillies, basil, coriander and thyme.

There is a big movement towards urban farming happening at the moment in Sydney and around the world.

If you want to learn more, two local organisations are doing good things:

Grow It Local

Let’s Grow Lunch

All photographs of The Eagle Street Rooftop Farm by Todd Selby.

Photo of Sean by Julia Rush.

And thanks to Sean for sharing his garden!

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